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By Keith Shikowitz

Town and village elected officials in Haverstraw have been doing everything humanly possible to ensure the safety of the residents. This includes their physical and mental well-being. One way they have accomplished part of this goal is by working with State Representatives Assemblyman Zebrowski and Senator Skoufis to have a testing center placed in the town of Haverstraw. Their efforts were successful and the center has been set up in tents in the parking lot of the Knights of Columbus in the Village of Haverstraw. Which is open from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays only.
“The site is orchestrated by the state of New York. Hudson River Health care is the provider who’s giving the tests.” said Mayor Michael Kohut of the Village of Haverstraw.
At the town board meeting on April 27, Supervisor Phillips said that as soon as confirmation of the site was given the robo calls will go out to the public and on social media. “I want to thank everybody involved Our town board members, Village mayors Kohut and D’Amelio and everyone that participated on making this a reality.”
Phillips explained why the site was chosen. “The state came down and they were looking for a site that was accessible to everybody within walking distance. Now I think this apprehension is because nobody wants to have anything that can be contagious near them. We have taken tremendous precautions so the public will not be infected.”
One possible way to deal with residents’ apprehension is moving the tents back further in the parking lot Phyllis believes that’s what they were going to do. “But now again you have to play the chess game. If these people don’t get tested, all you’re going to do is spread the virus more and absolutely prolong the length of the virus in the community.”
When projects like this are set up, many times there are glitches and problems which occur in the early stages of them being implemented. That does not seem to be the situation here. According to Kohut it’s smooth. They have the operation down pat. “I’m not sure about the numbers. Last week was cold and rainy and everything. This week I’m not sure how that ramping up. At one point I heard it was slow and on another point I heard they were booked up for a couple of days.”
The fact that you need an appointment to go to the testing center has been the reason there’s never a line of people standing around waiting to be tested. Kohut added. “Just like if you went by the Anthony Wayne site you never saw a line of cars there because it’s by appointment.”
Unfortunately, Kohut does not know the numbers of people that have been tested at this site. “We provided the site that’s about it. Hudson River Healthcare is a private institution manning this and I don’t have any operational control or information on it.”
Certain areas of the Village of Haverstraw got hit kind of hard by the virus. Why did this happen? It was probably, more than more than likely due to the high density housing. Phillips things. “They found that when more people live in an apartment complex, where there are numerous common touch areas, such as door handles, rail handles, stairway rail handles, buttons to the elevator, and breathing the common air in apartment complexes these are the things that can happen.”
The other thing that really spiked the statistical data in the Village of Haverstraw is northern Riverview. It’s a very large nursing 36棋牌 and I believe they’ve had about 16 to 18 deaths for which they had to file death certificates and they had an outbreak there. Kohut verified those numbers. “I think that’s probably a fair estimate. I don’t have the exact numbers. There’s a fairly high level from what I understand. You know it’s a nursing 36棋牌 Every other nursing 36棋牌 it’s been hit hard.”
“If people don’t get tested, it’s going to spread further into the community and it’s going to prolong the length of this COVID-19 disease in a community.  Look at all these nursing 36棋牌s they were forced to take people with COVID-19. We’re not blaming anybody but it’s a matter of fact.” Phillips said.
According to the UPI, on March 23rd prior to his March 25th order mandating nursing 36棋牌s take in COVID-19 positive patients, Governor Cuomo was at the Javits Convention Center showing it as it was being transformed into a complex to treat COVID-19. The center added about 2,000 beds. Even knowing this was taking place, at his request, the governor still, irresponsibly and dangerously, ordered nursing 36棋牌s take in these patients putting the lives of our most vulnerable at risk.
Kohut said, “I’m not going to say with that right or wrong because I’m not a health care professional. I’m not making excuses for him. It is what it is unfortunately.”
Logic and common sense would dictate that you don’t send patients who are infected with a contagious virus into an environment with your most vulnerable people. It just doesn’t make sense. Have there been any more patients brought in there infected? Have there been any more deaths from covid?
Unfortunately Kohut does not really know if there are any more covid infected patients or any more deaths at Northern River view since they’re a private institution. “We only know about it if a death certificate get is requested. I don’t know of anything else out of the ordinary up there.”
Administratively the goal the center said for themselves was to test 8 patients per hour per day. Phillips has said people have been calling and getting appointments, so he believes they’re doing pretty good down there.
Phillips praised and thanked Doctors Geller, the CEO from Nyack and Leahy, the CEO from good Samaritan, brought to our attention that they saw a spike in the numbers in their hospitals from Latino and Black communities. That was a little over 2 weeks ago. We immediately contacted the governor’s office. We contacted Ken Zebrowski’s office and James Skoufis is office. They really went to work on it. I really have to credit them. They were very instrumental in getting this site and getting it located in the Village of Haverstraw. Myself, Mayor Kohut, Town Councilmen, and others all worked very hard to get the site there.
Throughout the country, governors in various states are taking different approaches to this pandemic. Some have put in place very strict lockdown regulations that people are saying are a violation of Americans First Amendment and Second Amendment rights. How has the Village of Haverstraw been dealing with the residents of the village? Any questions or concerns they’ve had.
Kohut stated proudly, “The people have been very compliant. As each of the governor’s orders came down for shutting this business or that or this and everything else. they’ve welcomed the governor’s orders in some ways to let them shut down and be safe. Restaurants have closed and reopened. Some have stayed closed or tried to stay open for a while and then closed. The other businesses, if they are allowed to be open, they are. If not, then we told them that they couldn’t be. As I said, the people have been very compliant. Very concerned for their own health. We did a facemask hand out on Saturday, May 2. We had several hundred people come by for masks. That was good that they’re looking to stay masked up. And you can see on the streets most of the residents of the downtown certainly because they’re in close proximity to one another even on the sidewalks, Most of the residents are masked up when they’re on the outside or going anyplace.”
As of May 4, Rockland County Department of Health figures show in the Village of Haverstraw that there are 566 cases of coronavirus.
Kohut attributes any numbers of cases to the fact at the village of Haverstraw’s a densely populated area with large families living in apartment buildings or whatever the case may be. It’s more apt that multiple people in the family will become contagious. Then we have Northern Riverview Nursing 36棋牌. Northern Riverview Assisted Living, Green Hills 36棋牌 for adults. These are places where a contagion can get multiple people at a time.”
In many parts of the country people have been feeling that their rights are being violated by certain governments and they have been out protesting against these violations of their rights. In the village of have a strong though, Mayor Kohut says, “If you’re talking about police issues and stuff, there have been no anti – government protests or anything like that in the village. Like I said everybody’s been very compliant. There are obviously issues which happened sometimes that there are too many people in the spot for whatever reason. The police are handling everything quite well.”
Many places have been reporting lower numbers of crimes Kohut feels that way about the village of Haverstraw. He does feel that there may be more domestic violence issues or things like that. He can’t give the numbers if they are but he’s sure that’s increased somewhat because of people living in close proximity for long durations of time. “They’re not going to be reporting it probably because they’re stuck with each other no matter what so, I feel there’s no sense in getting the cops involved.”
There are studies on domestic violence and child abuse that would support Kohut’s thinking that these incidents are increasing because of this because people are so cooped up and getting what we used to call cabin fever.
“Exactly. That’s why when we had the good weather over the weekend, people did everything they could to get out and about to relieve some pent up frustration.” Kohut said. He added, “What people are doing is they’re going up to empty parking lots pulling up next to each other and socializing that way. Locally you’ll find that people are just gathering the parking lots to hang out to socialize apart and yet together.
A spokesman for the New York State Emergency Response Team said, “New York is proud to partner with local leaders in Rockland county and Hudson River Healthcare for the walk-up coronavirus sample collection site in Haverstraw. Like similar walk-on facilities around the state, the site is specifically designed to serve members of the surrounding community who do not have access to a car.”
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36棋牌Unchartered waters for large and small businesses as New York remains on “PAUSE” http://www./36棋牌/05/07/unchartered-waters-for-large-and-small-businesses-as-new-york-remains-on-pause/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/unchartered-waters-for-large-and-small-businesses-as-new-york-remains-on-pause/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:58 +0000 http://www./?p=59183 36棋牌
Post Covid, a deserted mall on brink of bankruptcy

By Kathy Kahn

In its heyday, Palisades Center was Clarkstown’s largest source of tax revenue. After missing its April mortgage payment, scuttlebutt has it that one of the largest malls in the U.S. will be on the auction block.

Pyramid Cos.’ retail/restaurant/entertainment complex in West Nyack has been open for 22 years. Since the closing of two major anchors, J. C. Penney and Lord & Taylor, followed the late 2019 announcement that Bed, Bath & Beyond would be exiting by 36棋牌, management was already scrambling to find ways to fill the void. All that has significantly changed since Covid-19 reared its ugly head.

The loss of Palisades Center will be a devastating blow to the both Clarkstown’s and Rockland’s income stream, which has already been hard hit. Rockland registered some of the highest number of cases in the state, along with Westchester, Long Island and the five boroughs–and there’s little doubt Palisades Mall will be a brick-and-mortar victim of Covid. It also means its hundreds of employees will not be returning to their jobs.

Another mega-retailer, Simon Property Group, which owns the Shoppes At Nanuet and Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, has plans to open its other malls around the nation but not the two in the mid-Hudson due to “NYPAUSE.” Mall workers for Simon have been locked out since mid-March, with many not sure their jobs will be there after the lockdown is over.

Once Cuomo decides to let New York reopen, it will be a strange new landscape for business and the shopping public. There’s always a chance that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will extend the “NYPAUSE” until June—which may be the last nail in the coffin for those businesses trying to stay alive during the pandemic who are quickly running out of financial and physical steam to remain viable.

Talk of new guidelines that will require all stores and shopping centers to include “temperature-takers,” disposable gloves and mandatory masks for workers and shoppers is already on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s list of proposed safeguards to protect the public.

Even with precautions in place, venues considered “essential businesses” are also feeling the economic impact of the limited access and the dwindling supplies as they attempt to “social distance” shoppers and protect workers. Some, including Walmart, have limited the number of guests it allows in each store, leading to lines of people not practicing the recommended six feet of separation while waiting to gain entrance.

This week, Cuomo’s musing that reopening too soon may lead to more deaths–“To me, I say cost of a human – a human life is priceless, period.”–is ironic, considering it comes from a person who actively endorses late-term abortion, up to the moment of birth.

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36棋牌ASSEMBLYMAN COLIN SCHMITT CALLS FOR INDEPENDENT FEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO NYS COVID-19 NURSING 36棋牌 DEATHS http://www./36棋牌/05/07/assemblyman-colin-schmitt-calls-for-independent-federal-investigation-into-nys-covid-19-nursing-36棋牌-deaths/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/assemblyman-colin-schmitt-calls-for-independent-federal-investigation-into-nys-covid-19-nursing-36棋牌-deaths/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:56 +0000 http://www./?p=59168
36棋牌Washingtonville, NY — (05/06/36棋牌) Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C,I-New Windsor) has sent a letter to the US Department of Health and Human 36棋牌 Deputy Inspector General for Investigations requesting an independent federal investigation into COVID-19 related deaths and New York State nursing 36棋牌s.
This follows news of dramatically unreported COVID-19 fatality numbers from state nursing 36棋牌s and state mandates that nursing 36棋牌s take COVID-19 positive patients. It is evident that the order from the State to accept these patients and additional practices, protocols and requirements may have increased the spread of COVID-19 amongst our senior citizen and vulnerable populations.
New York State authorities will not be fair and impartial in investigating this developing scandal and the expertise and independence of the HHS Inspector General’s office is needed.
Full text of the letter:

Gary Cantrell
Deputy Inspector General for Investigations
Office of Investigations
US Department of Health and Human 36棋牌
Via email

Dear Mr. Cantrell:
I write to formally request an independent federal investigation by your office into COVID-19 related deaths at New York State nursing 36棋牌s.

Yesterday it was announced at least an additional 1,700 COVID-19 fatalities are linked to state nursing 36棋牌s.

This news follows confirmation that New York State required nursing 36棋牌s to take COVID-19 positive patients ensuring an even more rapid spread of the illness amongst our senior citizen and vulnerable populations.

It is my strong belief that New York State authorities will not be fair and impartial in investigating and reviewing all facts related to this devastating developing scandal. We must know if New York State’s mandate that nursing 36棋牌s take COVID-19 positive patients resulted in more deaths. We must also know if New York State or other government entities practices, protocols and requirements increased the spread of COVID-19 through these facilities resulting in increased deaths. Families also deserve to have a true independent accounting and confirmation on the number of COVID-19 fatalities and cases in New York State nursing 36棋牌s.

The expertise of your office and its independence from New York State authorities provides the credibility needed to render a fair and impartial investigation and ensure justice will be served if necessary based on findings.

If we can be of any assistance in this matter please do not hesitate to contact my office at 845-469-6929 or schmittc@nyassembly.gov.

Colin J. Schmitt
Member of Assembly
99th District
http://www./36棋牌/05/07/assemblyman-colin-schmitt-calls-for-independent-federal-investigation-into-nys-covid-19-nursing-36棋牌-deaths/feed/ 0 59168
36棋牌Ed Chorba’s Political Cartoon http://www./36棋牌/05/07/ed-chorbas-political-cartoon-11/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/ed-chorbas-political-cartoon-11/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:53 +0000 http://www./?p=59174 36棋牌

http://www./36棋牌/05/07/ed-chorbas-political-cartoon-11/feed/ 0 59174
36棋牌May Declared Mental Health Awareness Month in Rockland http://www./36棋牌/05/07/may-declared-mental-health-awareness-month-in-rockland/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/may-declared-mental-health-awareness-month-in-rockland/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:49 +0000 http://www./?p=59160 County Executive Ed Day and County Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe both issued Proclamations declaring May as Mental Health Awareness Month in Rockland County. Both Proclamations will be presented to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Rockland, which works with people who are living with mental illness and their families through education, support and advocacy. This May brings special challenges to everyone’s emotional wellness. Awareness and support is especially important during this time of increased stress, isolation and difficulty. It has been an unprecedented time of trials for us as family members, friends, employees and loved ones. Many of us have encountered hardships in various aspects of our lives leaving us feeling disconnected, sad and overwhelmed.

“We all handle troubles in our life in different ways and often with varying degrees of success. During these difficult days we would like to remind you that there are not only strategies designed to deal with that but also know that for whatever reason one has, emotional support is only a call away. It is more critical than ever that we confront the stigma of mental illness and we urge all of Rockland residents to seek out the resources that are available to help you,” County Executive Day said.

Rockland County Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe said even in the best of times, our mental health can face challenges. The stresses brought by the pandemic have made things far more challenging for many people. “The threat of catching the virus, the pressure of a job loss and the anxiety of not really knowing how to return to normal can feel overwhelming,” Legislator Wolfe said. “Children are as susceptible to the stresses as adults. They have been pulled out of their classrooms, lost close contact with their teachers and friends and in many cases won’t get to participate in the milestones of school life – school plays, choir performances, the prom, graduation.”

The County Department of Mental Health, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Rockland, the Mental Health Association of Rockland and other local programs are available to help residents in their time of need. The County Department of Mental Health has come up with a list of five things you can do daily to help support your emotional wellness…please join us as we Strive for Five every day:

  1. Perform one act of kindness.
  2. Reach out, virtually, to two people.
  3. Do 30 minutes of physical activity.
  4. Find four things for which you are grateful.
  5. Practice five minutes of mindfulness.

Rockland County’s community of providers has done an excellent job in adapting to the use of telehealth. If you are in need of treatment, please reach out to a provider or agency and they will be able to assist you via the telephone or videoconferencing. Please check the  for details on providers and programs. Everyone can get the help they need while staying safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19. In addition to the mental health and substance use disorder services available in Rockland, there are warmlines for people who are having difficulty coping due to COVID-19.

Emotional Support Resources:

  • Rockland County Dept of Mental Health COVID-19 Emotional Support Line: 845-364-2955 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m., M – F)
  • New York State OMH COVID-19 Emotional Support Line: 1-844-863-9314 (8 a.m. – 10 p.m., 7 days a week)
  • NAMI Rockland Helpline: 845-359-8787 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m., M – F) or via email: info@namirockland.org
  • MHA of Rockland Emotional Support Line: 845-589-0671 (7 a.m. – 7 p.m., 7 days a week)

County Executive Day and Chairman Wolfe thanked everyone who is working to help those in need as we all continue our fight against this virus and work towards regaining a sense of normalcy.

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36棋牌The Deadline’s Approaching to Enter O&R’s STEM Classroom Grants Competition; Winners to be Awarded Up To $1,000 Each for Outstanding Student Programs http://www./36棋牌/05/07/the-deadlines-approaching-to-enter-o-winners-to-be-awarded-up-to-1000-each-for-outstanding-student-programs/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/the-deadlines-approaching-to-enter-o-winners-to-be-awarded-up-to-1000-each-for-outstanding-student-programs/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:37 +0000 http://www./?p=59171 PEARL RIVER, NY May 6, 36棋牌 — The deadline is looming for proposals for Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.’s (O&R) popular STEM Classroom Grants program, an academic competition in which winners are awarded up to $1,000 each for outstanding student STEM programs. Winning proposals should ride the cutting edge of studies focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Past winning proposal topics have ranged from drone crop monitoring and robotic competitions, to hydroponics and 3-D printed solar vehicle construction. All proposals must be in O&R’s hands by 5 p.m. June 1, 36棋牌. Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, O&R had extended the deadline for proposals on March 25. The grants now will be awarded in June.

The STEM Classroom Grants Program application can be found online at . O&R will make STEM Classroom Grants of up to $1,000 each to educators at schools (pre-kindergarten through grade 12) and youth group leaders for the 36棋牌-2021 school year in communities located within O&R’s service area. That service area includes: Rockland and parts of Orange and Sullivan counties in New York, and parts of Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties in New Jersey.

Grants will be awarded based on a review by the O&R STEM Education Advisory Council, a panel of educators and engineers assembled by O&R expressly for this purpose.

http://www./36棋牌/05/07/the-deadlines-approaching-to-enter-o-winners-to-be-awarded-up-to-1000-each-for-outstanding-student-programs/feed/ 0 59171
36棋牌Rockland County Auto Dealers Deliver 35,000 Masks for Residents in Need http://www./36棋牌/05/07/rockland-county-auto-dealers-deliver-35000-masks-for-residents-in-need/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/rockland-county-auto-dealers-deliver-35000-masks-for-residents-in-need/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:30 +0000 http://www./?p=59157 36棋牌Franchise new car auto dealers in Rockland County, working through the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (GNYADA), donated 35,000 face masks to residents to keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is part of a donation of half a million masks GNYADA is making to the 12 downstate counties, including New York City.

Auto dealers, which collectively throughout the downstate region contribute over $20 million annually to charitable causes, including community organizations in Rockland, are once again racing to the aid of their neighbors.

On Tuesday, May 5, GNYADA delivered 35,000 3-ply paper masks to the office of Rockland County Executive Ed Day. The county executives will then distribute them to individuals who need them, including seniors, essential workers, and other vulnerable populations.

Since Gov. Cuomo announced that New Yorkers are required to wear masks in situations where adequate social distancing is not possible, the need has become clear, and auto dealers have been eager to help.

“When New Yorkers are in need, time and again, franchise new car dealers and their employees are always there for the communities where they live and work. Auto dealers are the brick-and-mortar backbones of Main Streets and neighborhoods throughout the region, supporting little leagues, hospitals, schools, senior centers, and many charities large and small,” said GNYADA President Mark Schienberg. “During this extremely challenging time, when so many New Yorkers are suffering, losing loved ones, losing jobs, and struggling, car dealerships are once again here to contribute.”

“This donation of 35,000 surgical masks by the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association will be utilized to great effect during our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day. “My gratitude to the members of this organization as they help us ensure the health and safety of those who are most at risk during this crisis.”

April is the time of year when GNYADA and the auto industry would have been hosting the 120th annual New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, which was converted to overflow hospital space. The popular event is now rescheduled to take place in late August and early September.

Franchised new car dealers collectively are the fifth largest retail employer throughout the downstate region, helping to support 71,280 jobs, contributing $2.5 billion in local and state taxes, and supporting a total payroll of $4.5 billion, according to an economic impact survey conducted in 2019.

New car dealers have been declared essential businesses. Service departments must fix cars and perform roadside assistance not only for other essential workers like doctors and nurses, but also for ordinary people who need to go to the grocery stores, the pharmacy, and carry out the necessities of daily life.

http://www./36棋牌/05/07/rockland-county-auto-dealers-deliver-35000-masks-for-residents-in-need/feed/ 0 59157
36棋牌Suffern Passes Resolution Opposing Danskammer Fracked Gas Plant  http://www./36棋牌/05/07/suffern-passes-resolution-opposing-danskammer-fracked-gas-plant/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/suffern-passes-resolution-opposing-danskammer-fracked-gas-plant/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:23 +0000 http://www./?p=59163
On Monday night the Suffern Board of Trustees passed a resolution in opposition of the expansion of the Danskammer fracked-gas power plant in Newburgh. By taking this action, Suffern became the 17th municipality to oppose the project, and the first municipality in Rockland County.

In response to the vote, Food & Water Action organizer Emily Skydel released the following statement: “It is great news that Suffern is joining the communities up and down the Hudson River Valley that are standing up to say no this dirty, polluting power plant. In the midst of a deadly pandemic that is especially dangerous to populations exposed to air pollution, it would be irresponsible to allow this project to go forward. The Danskammer expansion is nothing but a scam. It would undermine the goals of New York’s new climate law, and force local communities already suffering high levels of air pollution to live with even more of these deadly impacts. In the end, Governor Cuomo has the authority to stop this plant, and the powerful grassroots movement we are building will make sure that he does.”
Danskammer opponents have cited the plant’s impact on local air pollution, as well as huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions, which would undermine a new state climate law that requires dramatic emissions cuts.
“”If the plans for this newly converted natural gas peaker plant proceed, it will directly contravene the goals laid out in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed just last year by the Governor. The plant is unnecessary as we do not need to rely on it for grid power and it will certainly do long-term damage to the air quality in the Hudson Valley region of New York. I applaud the decision made by the Village of Suffern and its Climate Smart Community team to pass a resolution opposing Danskammer, taking the bold and necessary action steps in combating further environmental degradation in Rockland County and the Hudson Valley at large,” Ian Adler, former Suffern resident, said.
“I applaud Suffern and their decision to oppose the Danskammer power plant. The momentum against this project is now spreading into Rockland County, and this is the kind of strength we need to fight the fossil fuel industry. The list of municipalities that oppose this project continues to grow. Governor Cuomo needs to take note of what his constituents want and stop Danskammer dead in its tracks,” Eric Wood, Hudson Valley regional coordinator for NYPIRG, added.
http://www./36棋牌/05/07/suffern-passes-resolution-opposing-danskammer-fracked-gas-plant/feed/ 0 59163
36棋牌County Executive’s Corner: “Help is Available” http://www./36棋牌/05/07/county-executives-corner-help-is-available/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/county-executives-corner-help-is-available/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:06 +0000 http://www./?p=59155 36棋牌By County Executive Ed Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This initiative first began in 1949 to raise awareness and reduce stigma by educating the public about mental illness, providing insight into living with mental illness and providing strategies for achieving wellness.

This May brings special challenges to everyone’s emotional wellness. Awareness and support is especially important during this time of increased stress, isolation and difficulty. It has been an unprecedented time of trials for us as family members, friends and loved ones. Many of us have encountered hardships in various aspects of our lives leaving us feeling disconnected, sad and overwhelmed.

As we all do our best to stay at 36棋牌 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is easy to let go of the healthy habits and routines that support our mental health. Why bother when we aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone? The answer is that having structure and routine in your day and in your life is an important part of being healthy.

And while so many of us are staying 36棋牌 agencies and providers of mental health and substance use disorder services are still open. We all handle troubles in our life in different ways and often with varying degrees of success. During these difficult days we would like to remind you that there are not only strategies designed to deal with that but also know that for whatever reason one has, emotional support is only a call away. It is more critical than ever that we confront the stigma of mental illness and we urge all of Rockland residents to seek out the resources that are available to help you.

Please check the RCDMH website for details on providers and programs. Everyone can get the help they need while staying safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the mental health and substance use disorder services available in Rockland, there are warmlines for people who are having difficulty coping due to COVID-19.

Emotional Support Resources:

• Rockland County Dept of Mental Health COVID-19 Emotional Support Line: 845-364-2955 (9 AM – 3 PM, M – F)
• New York State OMH COVID-19 Emotional Support Line: 1-844-863-9314 (8 AM – 10 PM, 7 days a week)
• NAMI Rockland Helpline: 845-359-8787 (9 AM – 5 PM, M – F) or via email: info@namirockland.org
• MHA of Rockland Emotional Support Line: 845-589-0671 (7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week)

These organizations have done an excellent job in adapting to the use of telehealth and the County Department of Mental Health and these other agencies are available to help you in your time of need. Please, if you are in need of treatment, reach out, make the call and they will be able to help you.

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36棋牌Sen. Carlucci Introduces Legislation to Allow Retailers to Perform Temperature Screenings of Customers & Employees http://www./36棋牌/05/07/sen-carlucci-introduces-legislation-to-allow-retailers-to-perform-temperature-screenings-of-customers-employees/ http://www./36棋牌/05/07/sen-carlucci-introduces-legislation-to-allow-retailers-to-perform-temperature-screenings-of-customers-employees/#respond Thu, 07 May 36棋牌 04:00:05 +0000 http://www./?p=59166 Senator David Carlucci (D- Rockland/Westchester) introduced legislation (S.8253) to allow businesses to take the temperatures of employees, customers, and vendors before coming into a business.The bill permits non-invasive temperature taking at business entryways and allows businesses to take corrective action to remove individuals with a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
The bill also ensures that affected customers have an alternate way to receive the products and services that they need. Businesses who opt-in to these procedures must post signs informing customers about the screening.

“We must give our businesses every tool to protect their customers and employees,” said Senator David Carlucci. “Taking a person’s temperature before they enter an establishment is a simple way to identify a potential symptom of COVID-19 and help limit it’s spread.”

Researchers have found fever to be one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. According to a study at Wuhan University, fever presented in 99 percent of COVID-19 patients.

“People are taking extra precautions during this crisis, but they still need to go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the gas station,” Senator David Carlucci said. “We need to ensure that there are systems in place to keep residents even safer when out.”

The current bill, S.8253, is being amended to include new provisions. The amended bill will be released in the coming days.

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